My relationship with food started early, probably instilled within me before I was born. I grew up in Brazil and my maternal grandmother had immigrated to Brazil when my mother was only 12 years old. To make ends meet she made special Taiwanese dishes to sell within the Taiwanese community and Asian markets in São Paulo.

My parents had a Chinese restaurant while my maternal grandmother was known in the Taiwanese community for making the best pork balls (貢丸) and Chinese sticky rice ball better known as “Zongzi” (粽子). That being said have you ever met an Asian that doesn’t have a close relationship to food?

I also need to add because I grew up in Brazil, a culture whose food staple is rice, I’m 2x the rice fan with my Asian DNA. Add to that I grew up in São Paulo which I like to qualify it to be the gastronomical equivalent of New York . While now currently living in Taiwan, people here are such extreme foodies it’s impossible not to go a day without experimenting with a new food spot or the good old food stalls that have been around for 50 years or more.

Here are some of my foodie highlights from my travels..

When in Norway..

I made us some hearty carrot cinnamon soup

Catching up with an old friend in Bali..

she took me out for seaside dining of only fresh catch of the day

Cooking for friends in Hua Hin

I’ll take brunch over breakfast any day. On the flash Spanish tortilla

Exploring the other wonders of Burma/Myanmar

Rainy day at Inle Lake, no problem wine tasting it is.

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