Finding your type is hard.

As a designer when it comes to designing a logo to even just creating a print invitation it’s all about a matter of choosing the right font. Most notably is no.1 for free font downloads but I would like to share some other pretty awesome free font sites.

Your want to make your graphics unique for others to look at something and immediately know it’s you/your brand.

With the use of great free tools such as Canva and PicMonkey to create our own graphics, there is a very high chance you might be using the same fonts as others. That is – unless you are using the paid version where you can upload your own font.

I probably suffer of #fonthoarding but how many fonts is too many fonts?

Scroll on.

Note: I’m not saying that isn’t a great resource, it’s one of the top ones but I wanted to list out some lesser ones which have a great collection that other designers might share some ‘font’ love for.

Here’s a list to find your type through 6 amazing free font sites that aren’t DaFont:

  1. Font

    Great for: All around font needs
    This site has both free and premium fonts great for creating your designs and more text heavy projects. What I also like is that they have a Free Font of the Week which might be one of their premium ones. Unfortunately, they don’t allow for customised previews but I do really like all their unique images for each type which gives you an idea of how it can be used.
  2. The League Of Moveable Type

    Great for: Designers, Writers, Typography
    I would say they have among the most premium fonts. Their aim is to only showcase “well-made, free & open-source” fonts. There might not be a lot in their catalog but their newsletter also shares great info about typography if you want to learn more.
  3. Exljbris
    Great for: All around font needs, Typography
    This is one of my favourite Font Foundries.  My top font crushes here are Anivers and Museo Sans. All designed by the site owner you can even check out Exljbris’ blog page to see what this type designer is working on or what was their font design process for the existing fonts.
  4. Free For Fonts
    Great for: Fun fonts, fonts with great personality
    I do not know how I haven’t stumbled upon this site earlier. Similar to the style of FontBundles this website showcases the fonts in pretty graphics just so you have an idea of the font’s personality so to speak. You could spend hours just browsing their 800 free fonts. The site also has some other free resources such as mockup PSDs and HTML templates.
  5. Font Fabric

    Great for: Designers, Web, Typography
    I used to want to keep this site as a secret, originally I found this one through Now, this site is more of an independent font foundry by the designer Svet Simov. Here you can get fonts that are free for both personal and commercial projects.
  6. Behance
    Great for: All around
    This one is great for independent designers who have their portfolios up and wanting to get exposure. Not only can you find unique fonts for all types of subjects you also have the option to donate to the designer directly if you like their font. Most of them are free. Please note sometimes the site will redirect you to download the font directly from Dropbox.


If you already know or just visited this site what was your favourite free font find there? Or if there are any other amazing free font resources please comment below. I would love to check them out too!

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