Muse-who? Not the music band – although I am a fan of their music.

For a not-so-short but rather condensed version,

I started this blog with the simple intent of wanting to record a period of my life that I classify as one of my biggest turning points. One I like to express it as, ‘my bold move’. I thought of this as my little morsel of internet-verse to share my musings, photography & graphic arts.

Fun fact ‘my bold move’: Which was the original name of the blog but by the time I decided to purchase the domain it wasn’t available.

I went all in for my ‘radical chic’ adventure/current lifestyle, so to give a more comprehensible timeline I spent most of my life living in Brazil, was fortunate enough to graduate studying what was my passion at the time – graphic design. After university, I felt it was time to explore the rest of the world so to which I travelled half the world away to China. Firstly to properly learn Mandarin and secondly to try and reconnect with the Asian aspect of myself.

To which a 1-year language learning course turned into a 6-yr “PhD” in living & working in China as a ‘banana’ expat (since I’m Asian on the outside but more of a western thinker on the inside). I had gained independence, learned so much about myself, made great friends, met unique characters and acquired much professional wisdom but as my wild spirit is I grew restless of this cubicle-shaped life. Things seemed to be feeling comfortable and somewhat predictable.

I needed to do something bold, I needed to re-enchant myself with my true bliss, to rediscover the greater meaning of my existence in a sense.  Throw myself back into the unknown – I love to travel so why not see if taking this path will pave out another one that I will love even more.

Whether you simply just stumbled upon my blog, follow, read it occasionally or just interested in my tips I want to thank you for taking the time to visit!

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