No need to explain what this is right?

A bucket list of places to visit and experiences to have! Maybe if you are looking for travel inspiration or better yet if you have done any of these and have tips – please share with me!

I’ll include some of the things I’ve already done that were on the list before in no particular order (though as a note to myself I’m tempted to add the dates to this list).

The irony of this list is, the more I travel, the more there is to add to this list..not a bad problem now is it?

  1. See & photograph the aurora borealis aka northern lights
  2. Hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti
  3. Go dog sledding (not over ice but I’ve done the sledding over dirt paths!)
  4. Go on a shark dive
  5. Try out falconry
  6. Go on El Camino del Santiago  – Hiked the Camino Frances on Sept 2016!
  7. Spend one night in an igloo
  8. Visit the Polynesian Islands
  9. Go Skydiving
  10. Surf a proper wave – tried one surf lesson and didn’t really spend more than a second on the board..
  11. Travel around Hawaii
  12. Go on a meditation retreat – Did mine at Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai! You can read about my experience here
  13. Visit/work at a Spanish horse stable/farm
  14. Get a PADI/SSI open water scuba diving license – Did a DSD in Bali and know for sure I want to get myself a PADI liecnse.
  15. Experience bungee jump
  16. Backpack across Europe (or even a road trip) main ones being Italy, Greece
  17. Go to Morroco
  18. Attempt to cliff dive
  19. Visit the Great Wall  seen it 3 times! Badaling in summer, Mutianyu in summer and in autumn
  20. Go to Thailand, see elephants & tigers  been there 2x! Loved, great food, great vibe, great beaches
  21. Visit Halong Bay & Ho Chih Minh in Vietnam
  22. Go to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat BEAUTIFUL)
  23. Experience a real winter – Norway you are a gorgeous country, surreal tranquility
  24. Work at a farm in New Zealand
  25. Hike 100 Mountains of Taiwan
  26. Hike the tallest peak in Taiwan

4 thoughts on “Bucket List”

    1. Thank you Fredrik! You reminded me to add a few news I had in mind to this list! Would love to see your bucket list too! Safe travels and happy eating!

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