Back in China since I lived on my own I begin to dabble in the kitchen. Seeing as my friends are somewhat foodies I bet there will be some awesome food to be made.

I’m looking forward to learning and cooking some new dishes. Might as well record the process – finally I’ve decided to start a series of recipes or what we cook while here. I won’t include amounts or anything since usually as I cook I just rather see what ingredients I need and season as I go!

Camping “Friday Fajitas”

Fajitas by a fire
Fajitas by a nice warm fire Photo Credit: Yone L


– Minced Chicken (or beef, soybean, pork, tofu)
– Red bell peppers
– Purple onions
– Button mushrooms
– Canned sweet corn
– Tomato sauce
– Canned kidney beans
– Garlic
– Cooking oil
– Taco seasoning
– Sour cream
– Corn flour Tortillas

Add mince, onions, garlic, mushrooms and oil to cook first. After chicken is throughly cooked we added the tomato sauce, beans and seasoning. let it stew until it most of the liquid has evaporated.

I think in the end these turned out more like burritos. Definitely because I had overstuffed them but Haha delicious anyways! Great way to warm yourself up besides by sitting by the fireplace.

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