First off, thanks to the writing group for the first “Shut Up & Write” session – without it this post wouldn’t have been possible. Silent support at its best!

I’ve been kicking myself for not keeping up with filling my corner of the web with all the content that swims in my mind. Been feeling very spread out lately, a little hard to get into gear but here it is!

I am somewhat dazed by myself when I think that it has been over a year and a half that I have decided to pack the expected lifestyle away and instead have opted to do throw convention aside in order to really rediscover myself. I sound like a broken record but in all honesty, if one wants to dive into this process of really understanding and grasping what is that will rekindle your personal bliss to life is that it’s ongoing. I am constantly rediscovering and understanding better who I am and aware of who I used to be.

Don’t get me wrong I have no real clue what I want to do with myself yet and as much as I should be drowning myself in anxiety I have recently realised that actually I am now surrounded by people in the same process, some just starting out and others that are already done pursuing their bliss but rather just revelling in it. I am amused and reassured of how I lead my life now by the reaffirmation from friends that wish to embark on a venture similar to mine. It looks a lot like I opted to go off globe-trotting but as I mentioned in my feature article in Tripedia it just seems to have fallen and manifested in this form. I winded up going to places I had not expected to go and found new opportunities which I couldn’t have planned for. Pretty decent affirmation from the universe that so far my path is correct – at least to the point I’ve now gotten to.

Maybe this all sounds too vague for you to grasp but here’s a bit of a rundown for you:

I have officially stepped out from the 9-to-5 cubicle life.

I give myself a more healthy balance to enjoy my personal time. Instead of work taking a high alert priority I can allocate it around to fit with my personal agenda for the day. By no means does not entail that I am less productive but I that I am solely responsible complete my work. Becoming accountable for your own livelihood is daunting when you don’t have the security of the cubicle walls trapping you into your designated work zone.

Being present.

Quite recently one of my former colleagues told me that my lifestyle has become a little too ‘earthy’ for her. I would have to agree. I am much more grounded in the present moment instead of drudging away in my seat willing the work day to go by faster while wondering what to do next. Obviously, that entails that I have a better focus when performing tasks. This is probably my personal productivity hack for this post. Actually if you want to turn it on its head even more for example knowing that I will be having lunch with a friend will motivate me to wake up earlier so that I can complete my morning tasks without rush so that I can enjoy present company and food. I would point you off to my Instagram to see some of the beautiful ‘noms’ I indulge my foodie self with.


New habits.

It is shocking how one’s own habits can change when you start to really honour yourself to your needs and likes. I now exercise regularly by doing yoga, chi gong, dancing and occasionally hiking. Hiking out in nature was something I never thought I would get that into, I even consider myself to be a bit of an urbanite. But now I even feel bad if I have a day where I just sat all day in front of my laptop! Because I am more happy with myself I notice that I don’t feel a compelling need to go off binging on junk food, I have just naturally gravitated to taking better care of myself. Becoming more attuned to your body is a good release just so you aren’t always stuck up in your mind with one of the many 80,000 thoughts that pass our minds each day. Yes, that breaks down to 35-50 thoughts per minute.

Good-bye negativity.

Not that I was a negative person, I had moments when a dip in our normal mood baseline drops. Only natural, what’s the point of happiness if we never experience some sadness? The crux is really in comprehending how to deal when things turn out not in the most favourable way. If I was in a bad mood for sure everything around would be just as bad and you just carry that with you around everywhere. LET IT GO. LET IT PASS. It is not worth it because deep inside we know that things will be better. Maybe it’s the Brazilian side in me where we are optimistic to the very end. Though now its when I encounter people or a situation that is somewhat negative I try to not let myself get carried away by it. Or if it does I will go do something to neutralise or bring my mood back it. A tiny hack to finding your centre. Life’s too short to be glum all the time. Or if you must be glum do it in the comfort of your home. In my case, I will just try to dance it out or cook myself something yummy. My friends and family whenever I send them pictures of they always say that they can tell how happy I am. Considering 90% of the pictures I will take aren’t even of me that’s intriguing no?

Life over work balance.

It isn’t 50/50, which does not really make you picture balance but I think it is at a 60/40 where I am more confident in pursuing on satisfying my own needs while work doesn’t just feel like ‘another job’. My relationship with work has shifted into something a little more balanced where I will not groan at. I have the type of personality that is very malleable and work provides me with a sort of wireframe structure where I can construct my own personal agenda around and not the other way around. This is the liberty of being able to do things in your own terms. It is not a burden for me to try and make time for myself. I ‘stress-rush’ over tasks much less. It isn’t too unfathomable for me and others who have taken this step to find the time to really pursue their personal interests or explore what new ventures they might be drawn to. There are so many options why stick to only one that most people go for? Unchartered waters will lead to unexpected treasures.

As one of my favourite quotes go, “Fate loves the fearless.”

In summary, after what has been roughly a process of roughly a year and a half I have reconstructed or better yet recreated a lifestyle that suits my rediscovery. In no means a pioneer in this type of venture but I am glad that I have found myself an unconventional tribe that is heading in that direction. However, I have yet to fully grasp what is my own personal role as one world citizen of an unconventional tribe asides from being radical chic.

Seeing as I haven’t been quite exactly swept away by my calling – that mystical flood light we all want to smack our faces to reveal what our passion is. Maybe it won’t happen quite as dramatic as that but in truth, it wasn’t a terrible struggle to settle new roots to grow once again. Much like a sapling inspired by those more wise than myself, I will be setting off in a few months to my biggest adventure yet.

Here’s a hint, it’s one of the items on my bucket list. Will write more updates soon.

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