“You don’t understand music: you hear it. So hear me with your whole body.” ― Clarice Lispector

I find that music is a very integral part of life. The different genres, instruments, voices and arrangements all intrinsically unique. You add dance to that and you have a whole other experience and relation to music.

The thing about DANCEmandala that is beautiful as a dancing meditation for me is that from the beginning to the end you are devoting your concentration into captivating every nuance of this unexpected playlist to be played out for your body to react to. Closing your eyes to it is advised, in my case it helps me connect better to the music and centre my focus. Albeit you want to ensure if you are a big mover you might want to find a spot you are comfortable to move about in. I’ve noticed across my sessions with DANCEmandala that my movements have become more and more expansive, my body exploring how else it could move and in it finding new rhythmic outlet of expression.

You are in a way listening to the music with your body, to let it absorb the notes that are the mood, your intrinsic expression as you bond temporarily with the given track. It somehow fuels my movement by the energy of the beats and though for some it might impulse you to move slowly, having a more intimidate connection with yourself while for others to move fast and broad for a unspoken release.

The key is really to surrender to the music, to trust yourself and the energy of the moment. I constantly do pick up that my mind will drift to some thought at first, easily distracted into outside of the space – out of the present moment. But as the session progresses I notice that my mind trails less from the outside world but roams within the held space.

It is exquisite that although you are simultaneously sharing a space with others, with no set choreography and dancing to your own bodily interpretation to the music how unique it is. I never dance the same (though sometimes I find myself doing the same steps). I often notice that I myself would tune into one of the layers of the music. At times the rhythmic beat, the bass, the vocals (if any), the predominant instrument, the tempo, the transition between tracks and so on but just trying to really focus into the core of the music. To not only hear but to feel what the music transmits into my personal dance. How it impulses my body to shift in it’s own way without me consciously and constantly telling it. All of it with the main focus on moving with bliss. I still remember that the very first time that I did DANCEmandala that during the dance I felt this funny tingling on my throat which led to me suppose that my throat chakra was opening that there was really some form of release being made.  It was quite alleviating!

It is with the closing of every session that I am fulfilled with a sense of soothing refreshment. Having discarded whatever negative feelings, anxieties or insecurities behind and recharged within myself for myself.

Wondering where you can find DANCEmandala?

Experience some actual good music and being able to shake it to your own natural rhythm?

At the moment I’ve been going to the sessions at The Yoga Tree in Chiang Mai, Thailand but there are facilitators in the UK and in Europe now as well!

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