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Now that I have some quiet time I’d like to share some musings as I sit here just with my thoughts, my laptop and soothing silence. I guess these last few months have been mainly to just disconnect from my past life and see what new one I can start. Though the prospect of it is always daunting I guess it is again part of the process. Especially with being away from family and all of that during the end of the year!


We had a mighty feast for Christmas, my first Norwegian one and wow did I over eat. Sometimes I wonder if this is a holiday in which excess isn’t frowned upon but also what are we really celebrating? Perhaps from my Taiwanese background I did find Christmas to be a big holiday but not my ultimate favourite one (tbh don’t think I have a favourite holiday, I just enjoy one.haha). Also in Brazil it’s usually summer time so no big wintry weather more of a beach feel!

I am though very happy to have my first real winter Christmas. On Christmas Eve I woke up around 9-ish and looked out my window to see that it was snowing out, not tiny flakes but bigger ones and in a nice fluffy ones. Apparently it was about -6 degrees outside as well!

So a Norwegian Christmas seems to have quite a few traditional food (for the 25th we will be doing the English Christmas) with my contribution food wise was making “rabanada” which is a Brazilian-style toast that is similar to a French toast but sweet and also a strawberry trifle.

So the menu;
– Lutefisk (a whitefish that is dried and soaked in caustic soda until it looks all jellified, I’m not a fan of seafood so this one was a bit hard for me to actually take a liking to?)
– Rakfisk (a salted & fermented trout for about 2-3 months and then eaten raw, for some reason to which I thought it was salmon because of the colouring)
– Ribbe (Roasted pork belly with delicious crackling on top, usually served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes, Jule pølser aka Christmas sausages, medisterkaker aka meat balls and gravy.
– Aquavit (the national drink that does taste a biiiiit like licorice)
– Gløgg (Norwegian mulled wine with added dried almonds and raisins for taste, a bit unusual but the mixture does work!)

Tradition prescribes seven kinds of julekaker, pastries and coffee bread associated with Christmas. Earlier this week I went with Hege to see her grandma and we got to do some baking of these traditional Julekaker!

So the 25th we are off to eat some leftovers and also on standby for the Turkey Dinner! That’s a pretty heartwarming Christmas/farm achievement I would have to assume – 1st one here at Saetre farm with real fine company that have been providing me some sort of solace.

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