f/28 Chiang Mai Photo A Day Challenge
f/28 Chiang Mai Photo A Day Challenge Photo Credit: Documentary Arts Asia

When I had gotten to Chiang Mai I met a few people that invited me to some of the local events and Thailand just being the devastatingly mesmerising country that it is with a surprise at every bend or rather – at every soi (Thai for street lane) something eye catching. In this current journey I’ve been searching to get back in touch with my creativity, to figure out how to tap back into it and see what would be my true skill or what my passion would be. Which brings to my memory how my father used to take me along for photo tours with the Taiwanese community back in Brazil and that I did enjoy photography, tinkering with his old film cameras, a Nikon SLR and a compact Pentax.

To which it was not a few days later in February that I then stumbled upon a event by Doc Arts Asia which is Chiang Mai Month of Photography a themed photo challenge which seemed appropriate to try it out practicing not only my camera skills but also my mobile photography skills I suppose!

All photos were taken by me either with my Canon EOS M or with my iPhone standard camera and most of them have no editing unless stated.

Anyways..off to the round up from my Instagram feed @museflux #museflux !

f/28 Chiang Mai Photo A Day Challenge


Day 1 – Entrance

Day 2 – Skyline


Day 3 – Three

Day 4 – Celebrate


Day 5 – Temple

Day 6 – Sunset


Day 7 – Metaphor

Day 8 – Black & White


Day 9 – Words

#day9 #f28photoaday #photochallenge #theme is #words and #chinglish is always entertaining to read #China #shenzhen #yoisboss

A photo posted by Yone廖明捷 radical chic traveller (@museflux) on

Day 10 – Reflection


#day10 #f28photoaday #photochallenge #theme is #reflection #yoisboss #doisuthep #doors #mirror #light #fractal A photo posted by Yone廖明捷 radical chic traveller (@museflux) on

Day 11 – Light

Day 12 – 5:35


Day 13 – Friend

Day 14 – Heart


Day 15 – Tree

Day 16 – Macro


#f28photoaday #photochallenge #theme for #day16 is #macro #oyster #khaolak #thailand #tailandia #ostra #canoneosm #yoisboss #beach #praia #nofilter A photo posted by Yone廖明捷 radical chic traveller (@museflux) on

Day 17 – Fun

Day 18 – Shadow


Day 19 – Face

Day 20 – Bike


Day 21 – Orange

Day 22 – Street


#day22 #f28photoaday #photochallenge #theme is #street and this street uncanny enough reminds me of #saopaulo #estrada #yoisboss #rua #streetsign A photo posted by Yone廖明捷 radical chic traveller (@museflux) on

Day 23 – Fruit

Day 24 – Lunch


Day 25 – Hands

Day 26 – Market


Day 27 – Water

Day 28 – Relax


I honestly to feel that my photography skills have gotten better or at least perfecting innate skills. Would you agree? If anyone has any critiques or comments please do share! I’d love to hear on how else I can improve. Or if you prefer you can also check my previous roundup from my first digital photo challenge ever at Photo 101 Roundup

But I guess after an entire month of themed photography it has helped me improve in the following;

  • Conceptualising photos according to the skills – since the month long themes were already out I could already have the theme in my mind and the shot in my mind
  • Observational skills – just eyes bolting in every direction trying to see what natural inspiration would present itself
  • Framing – on how to approach different angles, I would sometimes take the same shot but from different angles to see what effect I could get
  • Timing – I just began to walk around with both my phone and camera to everywhere, never know when the perfect shot would present itself!
  • Lighting – I would also try taking the same shot but trying to get different light or taking certain photos in just simple black & white and then in coloured mode
  • Experimentation – I eventually began to explore more the manual mode of my Canon EOS M, which is why I bought it in the first place..my investment paying off I suppose?


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