A summary of week 2 of my stay in Norway! I don’t think I gave much of a clarification about what is going on..so in a nutshell: I’m staying with two VERY VERY good friends of mine (they are like family to me now, saving me)

– Road fixed up a bit more, at least it’s more level now and won’t ruin your car on the drive up
– 7 mus (mice) caught! Martin’s hack on the humane mouse trap caught 5 in one night..the bait? Muesli an raisins.
– Stable door hinges fixed
– Lean-to with tarpaulin cover built
– Windows picked up
– Garage semi cleaned up
– 1st batch of Martin & Hege’s craft dark beer tasted & approved!!
– Fireplace wall painted in brick red (subject to change)
– Collected some firewood, not enough for winter but we gotta collect what we can

List seems a bit shorter but it has been quite an eventful week with some days of sunny weather! We even got 17 degrees Celsius this week with the lowest being 1 degree.

As always, a few pics taken with my camera!IMG_2331









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