This week certainly flew by! I guess partially I’m weaning myself off from being connected all the time (helps with the hindering internet connection).

With the snow that has actually fallen the outdoor related tasks and achievements will have to be put down on hold. Nonetheless Martin has already begun working on the kitchen and so him + Hege have been cracking down on it.


So the kitchen expansion was/is underway and basically what happened was that we all tore down the original panelling on the wall that is against the chimney, which revealed some very impressive large logs that actually are great to insulate the house.

There is a saying that says that the kitchen is the soul of the house and being the foodies that we are this is a important room to get finished as now we will be indoors much more. Also with me adventuring with cooking/baking!

So for week 6…

– Installed new custom-made here at Setre wall supports
– New floorboard for the in-between area of the new kitchen area
– Mortar the area between the old panelling
– Expanded kitchen area ceiling boards custom-made
– Indoor digital thermometer installed
– Kitchen window frame fitted, with foam filler sprayed in to keep the chilly draft out


IMG_3752 IMG_3754 IMG_3765 IMG_4569

IMG_3648 IMG_3669 IMG_3652


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