As a heads up to followers/passerbys/friends I’m participating through WordPress’ Blogging University in their Blogging 101 and Photography 101. Fingers crossed I can keep up with the assignments or eventually begin to condense them into weekly summaries seeing as assignments are daily. Today it is all about about me, why I am here and representing via photography home. Let’s try out this 2 for 1 post and see how it unfolds? My blog is called #myboldmove so might as well be bold?!

About me

So my family is from Taiwan but they moved to Brazil very early on and so voilá, born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve always had a deep desire to see the world or at least be out there. I’m a graphic design major and after graduating from uni in Brazil I went off to China and learn some mandarin. The 1yr language course became a 6yr saga..from studying, to living, then to working there. Did so many crazy jobs so out of my field, English tutoring, translating Portuguese or English from Mandarin, working with international sourcing/procurement. So I say with utmost confidence that your diploma does not define your career path!! After so many years in China, meeting so many different people from other countries – of which a great part of them I consider dear friends, then seeing many good friends leave and my own professional satisfaction wasn’t close to fulfilling I figured I needed to *really* rock the boat.

So my close-friends-new-family of sorts invited me to come to Norway since I was starting to feel my life in Shenzhen was getting too comfortable (and going nowhere), a drastically different scenario from where I was and perhaps this new environs will inspire or even unlock something inside me for a epiphany? I packed my job, life and things, disregarding what others my think or how my family back home will judge. I closed that chapter not to start another one, but rather leave that final chapter and commence a new book with my bold move. Hence, the blog to record and write my musings.

home is where the heart is

IMG_0925-1.JPG When I saw the theme for today’s photo I immediately recalled this quote I saw on the ads in the Shekou ferry which at first didn’t make that much sense to me or just felt like “Chinglish”. But I think it’s becoming true, that I’m creating or have begun creating my my place in the world, the home of who I am or want to be. Ironically with my move I would like to remember the place I call home is my last apartment in China. A cozy 65m2 studio apartment, taken with my iPad using a fisheye smart lenses I had bought from TaoBao

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