How to get to Bukit Bintang from KLIA2

For some reason I guess the universe wants me to do a complete tour through all the South East Asia countries. I don’t mind that one bit! I just got back from spending a few but awesome (albeit hazy) days in the urbane Kuala Lumpur !

When travelling in Asia most of us have this desire to do it on a budget. At least the demographic that I’m in seems to be the way. I am only now picking myself back up into getting a schedule and well working in a unconventional way. You won’t see me buying guide books or delving into extensive research. I’ve become a bit of a lax traveller now I guess. If I think back to the first time I backpacked I had an excel sheet with everything planned out.

Anyways, I think I downloaded some guidebook apps and read briefly the wikitravel page the evening before my flight.

It was only really when I was on board that reality dawned on me about how I was going to get from the airport to my hotel..

I was very blessed and had the most riveting conversation with this woman that sat next to me. She was so vibrant with life, we chattered away about our experiences in South East Asia. I felt extra blessed to have such entertaining company which made my AirAsia flight less cramped. In spite of our non-reclining cheap seats we had a couple of great laughs and of course travel advice exchange. Of which precious info about how to get to into town was included. Actually no, she even accompanied me, that’s how kind she was! I hope to run into you again Rosie!!


Ok enough, how to get into town?!

KL Expres Train Ticket 2015
KL Expres Train Ticket 2015 Photo Credit: Yone L

Alright once you make it past customs…
Note: For Brazilians we don’t need a visa for 90 days =D Happy days!

Look for the KL Expres booth, buy your ticket to KL Sentral for 35 RM. The platform is just behind it and just make sure when you head down the escalator you rush/walk/waddle/lug you and your things to the KLIA Expres side NOT the KLIA Transit. Otherwise you will be stopping all along the line instead of having a smooth 20-30 minute ride into the town.

The train will stop 1 time which is at KLIA, the snazzy airport for all non budget airlines. I was at KLIA 2 obviously.

Once at KL Sentral you can pick up a free map of the stations (or download a app before you travel) and see where you need to head. I needed to go to the shopping haven of Kuala Lumpur which was Bukit Bintang for the first few days..

The monorail isn’t really signed properly, its actually across the mall. Once you hit the main area in the station where you can see the KLIA Expres and KTM Komuter, keep walking straight until you see escalators heading up. Inside the mall you need to go up another level and you will see a exit on the left side which leads you to the monorail. Purchase your ticket to Bukit Bintang at any of the machines. Mine was 2.10 RM.

Once inside the train just make sure you keep an eye on the stations since it doesn’t really point out which one to get out of.

Quick facts about KL Sentral

  • Pretty much the public transport hub station.
  • Connects you to KLIA Expres, KLIA Transit, Kelana Jaya Line, KTM Komuter, KTM Intercity, KL Monorail
  • Food and retail outlets on the station area
  • There is a mall annex

Now if you aren’t on a super tight budget and want a hassle free method to get into central Kuala Lumpur..

Your options to get into town are a much more comfortable.

  • Bus from KLIA2 – apparently it’s also the cheapest option at a gorgeous 12 RM but it will take you over an hour to get into town (KL Sentral). Along with having to transfer to another form of transportation
  • Taxi – not the cheapest option but you’ll get there in about an hour as well. Depending on your traffic.
  • Uber – My friend in Malaysia had already given me a heads up and I have to agree, BEST option and cheapest one if you are looking for direct transport. Go for UberX, download the app beforehand. KLIA2 airport also has free wifi in case you don’t want to purchase a mobile data SIM card.


Hope these tips help you all you!

When I had my departure flight from Kuala Lumpur I winded up using UberX for the first time and wow was that a nice service. Hassle free and smooth ride. I was also amused at how the driver was using Waze to dodge the traffic. haha