What inspired this dish exactly? Well I learnt very early on that Norway is a very expensive country so even when buying groceries we are making highly educated choices on what to buy and cook. So when cooking the best thing is to try and create with what you have. Also since we are 3 people at the moment we tend to have leftovers so usually either the day after or 2 days later might as well make a “food mash up”

Inspired by Arancini (a italian dish of stuffed rice balls which are coated with breadcrumbs and fried). Well mine are made with flour (to make it more consistent and in a ball) and have shredded cheese or bacon inside.

Leftover rice balls

Leftover Rice Ball Arancini Recipe
The finished leftover rice balls! Photo Credit: Yone L


– Leftover/old rice
– Canned champignons
– Canned sweet corn
– Sun dried tomatoes
– Bacon
– Cooking oil
– Cheese
– White flour
– Onion
– Garlic
– Cooking oil

Spices: Rosemary, paprika, oregano, salt, pepper

  1. I sautéed the garlic & onion first until golden – then add the champignons & sweet corn to give it some flavour
  2. Add that to the rest of the ingredients
  3. Roll into balls or be lazy like me and use two spoons OR put into a cupcake tray. Note: don’t forget to grease or use a baking sheet to have a easier clean up
  4. I baked mine in a oiled tray for about 30mins at 200 degrees C. You can also deep fry them!

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