This used to be a space where I wanted to record my transition from cubicle life to whatever light of prosperity that would come of it because I was breaking out of the conventional mold.

More accurately, I just wanted to be outside of the cubicle.

Instead, my life’s journey has led me to a different path. One that I’m not quite familiar with. Looking back it’s funny to have assumed that things would have rolled out neatly. Life, in general, doesn’t do that already!

Instead, yet again, my head swirls with all these different ideas, this humble journey of mine. It’s not one that shows up with tons of followers and ultra-scenic pictures but instead, it’s a more accurate account of how my point of view has evolved from the past.

That it isn’t that we are striving and living for one single answer but to figure out what all these different callings we have in our facets of life mean to ourselves. Because I had the space to step back from what is expected by me from “outer” influences I am more attuned to my essence.

This all sounds a tad bit woo-woo out there – long story short I’m just going to chronicle the things that intrigue me in life. Which predominately seems to reign in the areas of travel, food and well a balanced lifestyle.

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