Time to start catching up on my Blogging101 and also Photo101! My left hand is slowly recovering, minor throbbing but again, could be worse..so for the assignment from Day 11 was a pop of color and here at the tranquil farm meal time is important so that we have energy to continue fixing it up. So here’s a pic of today’s bright homely brunch..

Late breakfast/brunch
Colourful Breakfast

I’ve become a bit more of a foodie since getting here, collecting recipes to try and test, at the moment even looking for more hearty options that are also budget friendly!

Again, people were not joking that Norway is a expensive country so grocery shopping we are attempting to make a list or weekly menus. Our current go-to brand when going to either Kiwi, Meny, Rema 1000 or Joker? First Price, please!


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