A bit thrown in last minute but turned out just as yummy! Nothing like using or checking what scraps you have at home to make a nice homely meal..

I like to think of it as a test to culinary creativity.

Rustic meatballs



– red bell peppers
– purple onion
– garlic
– pork mince
– paprika
– oregano
– white flour
– salt
– black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together, and let it rest for about 30mins so the flavours meld in. I added some flour to the mix more as a bonding agent afterwards to roll the meatballs more consistently. Fry in the pan with some oil until golden brown.

– red potatoes
– Rosemary
– broccoli
– carrot
– cauliflower

After washing the potatoes, drizzle olive oil and butter into a aluminum foil pack with the potatoes. Sprinkle some Rosemary on it and pop into the oven for about 1hr or longer at 180C degrees.


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