The 3 main types of people you will meet when you travel


A playful day at Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai - 2015 Photo Credit: Unknown
A playful day at Art in Paradise, Chiang Mai – 2015 Photo Credit: Unknown

This particular post has been lingering in my mind, my draft files and on my iPhone notes. I often seem to forget and then almost immediately remind myself of the gift that is my current life. It isn’t complete but it sure is in its way. With the marvel of technology such as the “On this day” from Facebook, it seems to be much easier to recall events that have happened in the past. Our own timeline serves as a reminder of all that was good and bad. Of what our mood was on that particular day – happy, sad, frustrated, whiny or just all over the place. On the plus side, it does help to put things into perspective.

I am constantly reminded to not take things for granted.

That every interaction no matter how minute it might be that it impacts me. To not take it only at face value. Why? It gives you a different level of awareness, the type that isn’t externalised. The one where you are simply observing the world that is happening around you. Instead, take a deep breath here with me and step back to observe the world that is you. Think back and recollect who you were last week. Maybe you were very sleepy because it was too damn cold in bed and all you had was a thin blanket and no lounge pants to speak of. While on this week on the same weekday you are having a great time sharing breakfast with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. We take so much of these little moments for granted.

Does this make the tiniest nugget of sense? If not, ok let me draw out another example.

As I am what I would define ‘floating in life’ attempting to crack the enigma that is my personal bliss. There are moments where of course I feel down or just discouraged from this path and my biggest concern on that day is how will I construct a life that I thoroughly enjoy. A work that I enjoy just as so. That’s when I forget and take for granted what is the shift that is my life. A year ago I was helping out my friends at their mountain farm in Norway and the year before that I was working a corporate cubicle job where I needed to wear suits. I glaze over the fact that I’m in exotic Chiang Mai with the opportunity and time to figure it all. I have time to do yoga, dance and work without feeling drained from work. just hit me an *even* easier example!

Whenever we get sick. A sore throat or a stuffy nose, don’t we just begin to miss our healthy selves? Taking for granted our ‘average’ state of being. At least for me I always miss being just without any flu or anything.

Which leads me then to share how it seems we take our travelling a little for granted. All those people that cross our path, briefly or for a short period I began to observe and appreciate them differently. It sparked this particular post. These muses  that come into our lives as a supporting character or a backstage aid.

So who are the 3 main types of people?

  1. The Reminders
    The people are the ones who remind you how you can be inspiring to them. Usually you will meet them in the most casual way, over an introduction or when telling your life story/journey. We all tend to forget our own little achievements or just too caught up with advancing that we forget to account how it actually took to get to this particular stage. I have so many friends that tell me they couldn’t fathom doing what I do or that they wish they had the tools that I have to do so. They make you observe yourself in a different light, a positive light.
    Back in May 2015 a fellow traveller that I met during a -on-a-whim drawing class she sent me the following message, “I was just talking about you yesterday and telling a friend about you being truly a world citizen…It’s very inspiring the way you just piece things together and make a living.”
    Needless to say I was just filled to the brim with warm fuzzies?
  2. The Sages
    These ones are great, they show up in the most unexpected ways usually you might stumble them at your housing situation, at a bar or over drinks on a late evening. They provide uncanny wisdom for yourself, that little moment where you pause and ‘Ahh’. It might come up even in the form of a quote or a simple sentence that will touch a chord. I remember my most recent encounter with a Sage was in the most incidental way. Was simply going to catch up with a friend that was passing through town again at her guesthouse, winded up having a few drinks with her and a few other guests. The conversation topics ranged far and wide with the utmost distinguished characters. To best describe it I must paraphrase one of their own paraphrasings “In life the great ship of faith is what carries you from birth to death and the arts are the lifeboats.”

  3. The Questioners
    It is very likely you were at some point this person. I think I was this person when I was 16 years old. Too mature and rational at that age for my own good I think. I questioned everything, was inquisitive and with the internet fairly new I would just want to research and try to comprehend what was what. Such is the case for people that are drawn to Chiang Mai it seems. Or even the growing trend of people that I seem to encounter that are also trying to find themselves or find something that will quench their soul. These ones are great to help reset your perspective, they remind you of what questions you’ve already answered for yourself. Doesn’t matter if the answer is big or small.  I guess the best example I can think of right now is I met this guy who felt the need to always understand why sadness would drag him down, digging further into it when actually I’ve learnt/noticed that that is part of sadness. To accept it and find the happiness to counter balance it.

What’s funny of these people they are not just found out there in this big big world, they are sometimes not even that far away. They are you. I can see myself being that type of person for someone else or how I was one type and evolved into another. What about you? Can you think of any other types that have shifted your muse?

3 thoughts on “The 3 main types of people you will meet when you travel”

  1. That’s very true — I believe I’ve met all of them at some point during my travels. I believe there’s a major kind missing: The Motivators. They are those more experienced travellers who you usually look up to and inspire you to keep going when you’re feeling really down. They are like the Reminders, but instead of highligting what your own accomplishments, they are those who share their own experiences — good and bad — and you can find confort in knowing that if they can do it, you can do it too! (like you are to me btw) 😀

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