Today we knocked up a small woodshed so that we can have the firewood a little closer to the house instead of having to walk uphill towards the old stable. This outdoor work really does make you work up an appetite!

The completed woodshed Photo Credit: Yone L
The completed woodshed Photo Credit: Yone L

Another one of what I hope to start is a series of thrown together meals without no measurements whatsoever..but as always just taste as you go!

Veggie Spaghetti

Veggie Spaghetti
Veggie Pasta to recharge after building a woodshed Photo Credit: Yone L


– Black olives
– Plain tomato sauce
– Onion
– Garlic
– Dried chili
– Button mushrooms
– Butter
– Cooking oil
– Spaghetti
– Cheese
Spices: salt, black pepper, paprika, bay leaf, oregano, basil

How to:

1. Sauté the garlic in butter and oil, let it get slightly golden then add the onion
2. Once onion is soft add in the mushrooms, some paprika, salt and pepper, until they soften and absorb some of the oil then add the chopped olives, bay leaf, dried chili, oregano and basil.

3. After a few minutes I added the tomato sauce and a weeee bit of sugar to counter the acid and let everything stew with the lid on.
4. Obviously had the pasta cooking on the side midway in salted water.
5. Season as you go and grate some cheese over the pasta and sauce!

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