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Traveling and wondering where to do yoga in Chiang Mai? Here are some studios that I’ve been too while in Chiang Mai to get your yoga fix.

Should you have asked me this a year ago you would have been confronted with a very puzzled face of “EH???” but hey since the journey of self-discovery must involve stepping out of your comfort zone or better yet – a brash detour to go against your usual flow. I was drawn to yoga very likely because there are so many people practising it and maybe since it really is an ongoing wellness/fitness trend.

This year around however I get asked by other travellers about where they can get their yoga-fix. While in Chiang Mai I guess why not indulge on some of the best things that this city has to offer. Ranking pretty high on that list is wellness. It wasn’t the biggest motivating factor of mine to come to this beautiful city but as part of my journey still, goes on it was to invest back again in taking care of myself.

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Where to do yoga in Chiang Mai by - Taken at Yoga Kuukan



Anyways – Where to learn/practice yoga while in Chiang Mai..

I’m sure there are many other studios around Chiang Mai to get your yoga fix but here’s the ones that I’ve been and can recommend 🙂 Funny enough all of these are located within the Old City which I also like to call it ‘The Box’.

In no particular are the places I go for my yoga-fix!
BTW, all of these studios have yoga mats, straps, blocks & cushions available =)

    • Yoga Kuukan

      Ratchapakinai Road & 72 Moon Muang Road, Soi 9 – North Side of the Old City
      I simply adore this studio and the people that run it. The energy of this cosy studio really stuck with me to not get intimidated at having a big group of people. Tomer is great in helping you really perfect your alignment according to your personal conditions. A great experience for those wanting to just perfect their postures and for an all-around yoga experience.

      They also host some unique workshops every 2 months. I’ve participated in the Body Rolling class which was great for mysofascial release.

      For updates on special events you can also check out Yoga Kuukan’s FB Page.

      Yoga classes offered: Basic Yoga, Gentle Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yin Yoga. They also hold special Full Moon/New Moon Meditation days!
      Class Schedule
      Class fee: 300 THB Drop-in, 1800 THB 8-class pass



  • The Yoga Tree

    65/1 Arak Road, Prasing, Muang Road – West Side of the Old City
    This was the very first place that I went to when I first got to Chiang Mai, ironically I didn’t go to this place because of the yoga but was drawn more by the other classes they offered. Asides from their great Beginner and Foundation level yoga classes this studio also offers Biodanza, Pilates, Tibetan Sound Bowl Meditation, DANCEmandala and Contact Improvisation to name a few! Check out their events page to see what is going on.
    Yoga classes offered: Yoga Foundations, Yoga Gentle, Yoga Slow Flow, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga Fusion
    Class Schedule
     Class fee: 250 THB Drop-in, 1100 THB 5-class pass, 2000 10-class pass

  • Wild Rose Yoga

    4/1 Phraproklao – Center/South of the Old City
    I would highly recommend this studio for more seasoned yogis. Or for anyone that is Intermediate to Advanced yogi or simply someone looking for some dynamic/flow classes this is the place! Pretty much if you can already do some form of inversion, you will love it here. As for yoga styles they teach Ashtanga, Fusion Vinyasa, Anusara and occasionally Yoga Teacher Trainings as well!

    Yoga classes offered: Ashtanga, Vigorous Yoga Flow, Karma Yoga, Vinyasa Flow

    Class Schedule

    Class fee: 250 THB Drop-in, 1000 THB 5-class pass

  • Namo Yoga CLOSING Aug 19th 2017

    109/1 Moon Muang 4, T. Sriphurm – East Side of the Old City Soi 4 is a very narrow ally. Next to Wat Dokham (small temple).
    It’s a little hard to find but just down an unsuspecting alleyway, you will find your way to Namo and worth it!

    This place also offers Thai massage course, hot stone massage courses, kirtan, Ayurveda therapy courses. I’ve been to one class here and it’s pretty good for all-around any level yogis. Just recently (July 2017) participated in a 4-day somatic movement immersion course which was a great learning experience about our own movements and habits.

    Schedule updates are also available on Namo Yoga Chiang Mai FB page

    **This studio only has a few weeks left, if you can I highly recommend to check it out and do some of the classes. Such a shame a soulful studio as this one is closing..

    Yoga classes offered: Gentle Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Somatic Yoga, Ashtanga Mysore
    Class Schedule
    Class fee: 220 THB Drop-in, 1000 THB 5-class pass


  • Mahasiddha Yoga

    49 Chang Lor Rd T. Haiya Mueang Chiangmai, เชียงใหม่ 50100, Thailand – South side, just outside Old City
    Quite a few of my friends and coworkers are regular attendees of Mahasiddha Yoga. Asides from regular physical yoga classes, Mahasiddha is one of the few places in the world that a person can learn authentic Tantra yoga. Their retreats are their strong suit, frequently offered at a quiet but lovely ashram just north of Chiang Mai.

    Yoga classes offered: Hatha Yoga,, Morning Yoga, Afternoon Yoga, Women’s Circle Yoga, Men’s Group Yoga, Tantra Workshop
    Class Schedule
    Class fee: 250 THB Drop-in, 800 THB monthly unlimited



As I mentioned in the beginning, there are a few other studios out there in Chiang Mai! Hope this post benefits those who are looking to catch up on some yoga journey practice or even to try their first class at ones of these studios!

A few people have asked me in the past before about yoga retreats, I haven’t gone for a long one (yet!) but I’d like to add in that here in closing. For most of the studios mentioned above I’m always adding their events to Museflux FB page (Like it to stay updated with any new yoga/wellness upcoming events!)

If you are in Thailand for a longer period and with ample time to do more than attend a few classes. Or looking to do a yoga break and squeeze in some Thai massage time there is one site I found that has a great selection of yoga retreats to match your budget. Check it right here . Retreatments also offer options for other types of retreats all based in Thailand..guess more ways of making the best of your trip while in the country!

MAP EDIT: Jan 17th, 2017
I’ve just added a Google Maps in case any of you might have some trouble locating the studios! 🙂

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the comment and also sharing your new studio! Next time I’m in Chiang Mai I’ll def check out your studio. What sort of classes do you guys currently offer?

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